A couple years ago on Mother's Day, I posted something that revealed the complexity of Mother's Day, that maybe we should downplay all this "mother love." I don't know what I was thinking, except, I was likely thinking of others. Wondering about those households without mothers; situations of neglect and abuse, challenged mother-daughter or mother- … Continue reading MOMBLOG.


Blonde-Headed Blessing

The Lord will keep you… Psalm 121:7   I got saved before I even started kindergarten but my first baptism was in the murky waters of the Ozark, my anointing from the larger-than-life, and now late, J R Warren:   “Watch out for them blonde-headed kids.”   Far from bimbo joke or IQ in question, … Continue reading Blonde-Headed Blessing

Sin & Moana

I remember reading a book in one of my theology classes years ago titled: Sin, Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be. I thought about that book as I sat between my children, snuggled in quilts on the couch, watching the Disney animated film (now on Netflix!) Moana. There’s this pivotal moment in the movie … Continue reading Sin & Moana