Rest & Ambition

As I pen these words, I am leaning on a heating pad in our sunroom, soothed by its warmth and the soft hum of one of our space heaters. I’m in my favorite work-from-home attire: a black turtleneck, blue jeans, socks with sandals and a scrumptious satin bathrobe, lined with faux fur. I’ve been thinking … Continue reading Rest & Ambition


"The Visitation" Lately I feel compelled to speak the truth in love; gently yet firmly. Here's that truth: nowhere in scripture do we find God’s blessing for abortion. Search if you like, you won't find a passage in any of the 66 books of the Bible that says, “It’s okay so long as it’s a … Continue reading Pro-Child

At Home and Away: Christian Practices for Summer

June signifies lots of things. The start of summer, the lengthening of daylight, and for families, it tends to provide more time together. Christian formation is obviously a value of First CRC. It didn’t take long for me to notice the significant number of kids regularly participating in Sunday School, and the abundance of willing … Continue reading At Home and Away: Christian Practices for Summer