The Work of the Ravens

I’ve always loved the story in 1 Kings where the widow goes to her pantry and finds that her stores of flour and oil never run out. I’ve probably read it dozens of times, but recently, I decided to read it a bit more closely. I read it last week because I wanted to return … Continue reading The Work of the Ravens

Building Our Children Up Takes Energy – Send Carbs, Please.

Our Living Room Rendition of Biblical 'Jericho' Thursday started the way most days do. After a luscious hour at my kitchen table with my favorite prayer resources, I was greeted by a half-clothed four-year-old looking for socks and sustenance. Moments later, her brother emerged and asked me the same question he asks every day: “Do … Continue reading Building Our Children Up Takes Energy – Send Carbs, Please.

Pick Me Up

It happened again. I was flipping through the liturgical calendar in the back of my prayer book and discovered another noteworthy day – the Conversion of St. Paul. Today! Paul’s conversion was mystical and supernatural. He heard God’s audible voice and was blinded by a flashing light. His turning point confounded him, rendered him blind, … Continue reading Pick Me Up